Android 13, Maps and summaries, Google digital king

Android 13, Maps and summaries, Google digital king

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google.

While part of our society discovers digital in 2022 and the others struggle with outdated software, the champion of algorithms showed at the Google I/O 2022 developer conference that he remains the king. He presented many novelties to support us in our algorithmic society…

During the keynote, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, presented Android 13 and news in products such as Google Meet, Maps and Translate. The powerful American company has also unveiled technologies in the field of data protection or artificial intelligence (AI). Overview.

Android 13 is moving forward…

As expected, the Google boss announced a beta 2 of Android 13. This new version was made available to developers directly following the Google I/O opening conference. Note that this version is offered not only on Google Pixels, but also a selection of smartphones from other brands. Finally, a next version of the Android 12 L operating system, for foldable devices, has been mentioned…

On the Google Meet side, the artificial intelligence expert is tweaking image processing to automatically optimize image quality in Google Meet. Alongside this, the company is also bringing studio-quality virtual lighting. It is even possible to adjust the position and brightness of the light, so as to always remain clearly visible in a dark room, for example, according to this note from Google.

Google Maps always more immersive!

Even more spectacular, the world’s leading search engine offers a new immersive view in Google Maps. Thanks to advances in 3D mapping and machine learning, it is able to merge billions of aerial and street images to create a new high-fidelity representation of a place. Your next 3D virtual tour of Westminster promises to be unforgettable. All the details.

When it comes to translation, Google is now working on a new “monolingual” approach. And thanks to his latest work, he was able to add 24 new languages ​​to Google Translate, including the first native languages ​​of the Americas. Together, these languages ​​are spoken by over 300 million people… More info here.

IA: when Google understands you…

Finally, while large groups are still fumbling with automated writing, Google offers to summarize your texts, as already mentioned here in March! Using one of its machine learning models, Google Docs is able to analyze the words and will extract the main elements. An essential point since such a feature requires the understanding of long passages…

While some multiply the blabla, Google shows that it is one of the masters of artificial intelligence. And for the ayatollahs of the “free” or other proprietary models who constantly attack the GAFM, remember that this giant employs some 4,500 people in the Zurich region!

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Google and its automatic summaries!
Google and its automatic summaries!


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