Boeing speaks out on partnerships with Google, AWS and Microsoft

Boeing speaks out on partnerships with Google, AWS and Microsoft

Last month, Boeing said it had made deals with Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. The value of the contract is estimated at more than one billion dollars.

Google, Microsoft and AWS are in a battle for Boeing

Hyperscalers are longtime rivals. That Microsoft, AWS and Google Cloud are racing to seduce Boeing is therefore not surprising. Note that the activity of the aerospace giant is now valued at at least one billion dollars.

Last year, the battle ended with the triumph of Amazon Web Services. It is therefore quite normal for Boeing to use AWS hosting in addition to Azure. While the company has its own data centers and colocation spaces, it now aims to renovate its technological footprint. It should be remembered that it has a substantial amount of data on its own, as well as an average of 140,000 employees. Moreover, each time a Boeing 787 takes off, it releases 500 GB of data approximately. We can thus imagine the volume generated by the company’s entire fleet.

Focus on the Boeing – Microsoft collaboration

The company decided to collaborate with Microsoft. The AI ​​as well as the cloud of the latter will allow him, for sure, to “update its technological infrastructure and its critical applications”.

In a press release, Susan Doniz, Vice President of Information Technology and Data Analytics speaks. According to her, the company’s statement regarding cooperation with Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure represents a big investment for Boeing. It is even a key element for its future in digital.

Boeing’s CIO stresses that the agreement made with Microsoft is strategic. Thanks to this contract, the group will be able to implement its cloud strategy. This goes through removing infrastructure constraints, unlocking innovation and reinforcing Boeing’s commitment to sustainable operations. Susan Doniz did not, however, expand on the details. The amount of the company’s overall computing and storage load, which will be managed by Microsoft, therefore remains unknown.

Boeing and Google Cloud: a promising relationship

Boeing also plans to migrate applications and other products to the Google Cloud service. Indeed, the vice-president talks about Boeing’s enthusiasm for designing “advanced digital aerospace solutions”. They then rely on the expertise and leadership of the search engine both at the cloud level and at the data and AI/ML level. Boeing is also committed to reducing its carbon footprint as workloads move to Google Cloud infrastructures.

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud responds to Boeing by emphasizing that this collaboration is a source of pride for his company. “Boeing is a global aerospace icon,” he says. Google Cloud is thus ready to give the best of itself during this association. In addition, the company would be eager to be able to support airlines to be more efficient and respectful of the environment”.


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