Facebook News, Meta’s new news feed is available in France

Facebook News, Meta's new news feed is available in France

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After the United States at the end of 2019, the United Kingdom in January 2021, Germany in May then Australia in August, Meta, which is the new name of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, launched this Tuesday, February 15 in France , FacebookNews. This news feed is reserved for verified and validated journalistic content, in order to fight against false information.

France becomes the fifth country where FacebookNews is launched. This news feed has been officially deployed since Tuesday, February 15 for all users of the social network. The online service now centralizes all ” news from a wide range of reliable and relevant news sources “Explains the firm in its press release.

And to make her project a reality in France, she indicates that she is collaborating with Media Services, a subsidiary of Agence France-Presse, which thus becomes a privileged curation partner, responsible for the selection and enhancement of information. published online by the French press.

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A news feed that combines algorithm and curation

First, always appear the news on the “One”, but which have been selected by a team of independent journalists with solid experience in various newsrooms. The objective is to allow you to follow the evolution of quality information throughout the day. Meta also offers personalized suggestions for articles which will be defined according to what you have already consulted, read, shared or followed, with the discovery of new media in order to cross its sources of information.

In addition, Facebook News displays thematic sections if you want to deepen a particular subject, such as the economy, entertainment, health, science or technology and sport. Visually, the user accesses the service by clicking on the icon symbolizing a newspaper. He is then redirected to a specific page which scrolls, in the form of thumbnails, the title of the article, an image and the name of the media. Internet users must follow these links to access the content directly on the partner media.

Facebook News available to all users by May 2022

The generalization of the service will be progressive according to the agreements which will have been tied with the press and the audiovisual media. A first framework agreement was signed last October with the Alliance de la presse d’information générale representing national and regional dailies.

This system, resulting from European legislation, allows press publishers to negotiate remuneration with content aggregation platforms such as Facebook or Google. For the moment, a hundred French media have expressed their interest in this new service which intervenes in a tense context for the American firm, criticized from all sides for having let circulate, without moderation, false information on its networks.

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