Google Docs and Meet aim to make your work life easier

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Google announced some updates for Google Docs and other Workspace products during its Google I/O 2022, its dedicated conference for developers. New machine learning-powered document summaries will soon be available in Google Docs, helping you save time and be more efficient. A similar transcription function is also planned for Google Meet, summaries for Google Chat, as well as new visual and audio improvements for Googl Meet.

According to Google, this new feature for Docs will add what can be considered an abbreviated summary. It will automatically analyze the document and extract the main parts. This is a big step forward for machine learning and natural language processing, according to the company. This functionality requires a deep understanding of long passages, information compression and language generation, which until now has remained outside the capabilities of machine learning models.

As for other Workspace products, this same functionality will be integrated into Google Chat in the coming months, in order to provide a useful summary of conversations and facilitate understanding of group discussions. Google is even working on the introduction of native transcription in Google Meetso you can catch up on important meeting moments you might have missed.

Separately, Google also detailed video and audio updates to Google Meet. In the future, Meet will pop up and adjust the lighting intelligently, even if you’re in a low-light situation or using an old webcam. This feature is known as “portrait restoration”.

They’re even testing a new “portrait light” feature where you can select a specific point in the frame and enhance the corresponding lighting. According to Google, this should make it possible to integrate studio-quality lighting into the app. It will work on all types of devices, so you’ll look your best no matter where you are.

Help ensure safety

De-reverberation is the audio feature under development. It helps filter out echoes in spaces with hard surfaces, so you feel like you’re in a conference room with a microphone.

The protection against phishing and malware in Docs, Sheets, and Slides completes the list of features announced for Workspace products. All of these products are powered by artificial intelligence, Google says these new features make its products more useful and accessible.

Workspace’s latest updates may seem relatively insignificant in isolation, but when assessed in a broader context, they show that Google is deliberately refining its software suite to maximize value for time-strapped professionals in this new era of hybrid work.


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