Google’s doorbell may soon notify you when you receive a package

Google's doorbell may soon notify you when you receive a package

The Nest Doorbell connected doorbell could soon notify you when you have received a package or remind you to pick it up; a feature that would be available on the Google Pixel.

The Google Nest Doorbell // Source: Maxime Grosjean for Frandroid

Google continues to expand the functionality of its Pixels. While the web giant could present the Pixel 6a during the Google I / O 2022 which will take place this evening, we learn that a new feature could appear on these phones. This concerns the Nest Doorbell connected doorbell, which could notify you when you have received a package and even remind you to collect it.

A feature of the existing Nest Doorbell, but improved

Today, the Nest Doorbell camera is able to detect different types of movements such as the delivery of a package. We can access video footage of the delivery from the Google Home app, but we are not notified of the delivery. However, it seems that the Pixels may soon warn you.

Moreover, notifying of the delivery of a parcel is especially practical in the United States since the parcels are deposited in front of our door, which is not the case in France.

The widget ” At a Glance » reveals surprises

It’s in the widget’s source code. At a Glance », « In a snapeye in French, which is a Pixel-exclusive widget. It allows you to have practical information in the same place: weather, upcoming events, traffic alerts, etc.

This is the team 9to5Google who found novelties not yet unveiled. By decompiling the latest version of the widget, we learn that Google is working on a new feature for the Nest Doorbell and the Google Pixel. Remember, however, that it is not because lines of code have been added by Google that the functionality will be offered.

The camera could be able to detect when a package has been delivered, but also when it has been picked up. A feature that can only be used with a Nest Aware subscription, from 5 euros per month, and which allows you to have an extended video history beyond the three hours offered by the basic Nest Doorbell. Google seems to want to expand its subscription with the notification of package deliveries.

Nest Doorbell: Google's doorbell could soon notify you when you receive a package

The Nest Doorbell gets more and more useful with a Pixel

Google is strengthening its ecosystem of products by interconnecting them through the Google Home app. Until then, the Nest Doorbell was able to notify you when the doorbell had been activated. However, as reported by the English media that decompiled the widget, the parcel delivery parameter does not specify that it is exclusive to the Nest Doorbell: we can therefore think that other connected doorbells could be supported.

If no official announcement has yet been made, it is possible that Google will present this feature in parallel with the various announcements that the company will make from this evening during its Google I/O conference. We also expect the presentation of the Pixel 6a or that of the Pixel Watch.

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