How to create and modify your avatar on Meta, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram

How to create and modify your avatar on Meta, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, allows us to create avatars in our image to personalize our discussions on its social networks. Whether on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger, our little avatar can be inserted as a sticker in comments or in discussions.

There are several options to color our conversations with friends or on social networks.

You can insert emojis, GIFS, photos, videos or stickers.

Now, how about having stickers with your image and fully customizable to insert on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger?

Steps to create your avatar on Meta

Thus, to create an avatar that can be used on all platforms and social networks of Meta 9 (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger), you must:

  1. Open app Facebook on their phone or tablet
  2. Touch the tab three horizontal lines
  3. Select option: See more (if the Avatar tile is not displayed)
  4. Weigh on the tile: Avatar
  5. Select option: Change avatar

Here’s where to go in the Facebook app to create and edit your Meta avatar.

A quintillion customization options for avatars

This is where we can fully customize our avatar. And it’s not the options that are lacking, since there are neither more nor less than a quintillion customization options! That’s a billion trillion options!!!

You can thus choose:

  • Skin color
  • His haircut
  • The shape of the face, eyes, eyebrows of the nose
  • Color of hair, eyes, eyebrows
  • Add accessories
  • His attire

Facebook avatar customization

Customize your Meta avatar to your liking thanks to the huge bank of options.

In short, we can leave it to our imagination and our creative madness!

Once the registration is complete, it can then be used on all Meta social networks.

How to use your avatar on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger

Meta avatars can currently be used on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

Nevertheless, it won’t be long before these can pass into the Horizon metaverse! This famous virtual world on which Mark Zuckerberg sees the future of the internet.

For Instagram, it’s being rolled out gradually as of this writing. However, it is already possible to incorporate them into our stories:

  1. Take a Photo or Video in Story Mode
  2. Tap the edit icon at the top of the image
  3. Choose Avatar from the options that appear

edit create avatar stories instagram

Here’s how to use your Meta avatar on Instagram stories.

But before going to Instagram or the metaverse, to use your avatar on Facebook and Messenger you must:

  1. Open a discussion or comment
  2. Press the smiley man in the field to write
  3. Select the small square tab with a smile

How to use your Meta avatar

Here’s how to use your Meta avatar on Facebook and Messenger.


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