How to get multiple Google Voice phone numbers on one phone?

How to get multiple Google Voice phone numbers on one phone?

It’s easy to say that one phone number is enough for all users, but the reality is quite different. Everyone has a primary cell phone number, which they use for personal reasons, and a secondary number which is used for business purposes. They use the latter number primarily for work-related conversations.
get multiple google voice numbers

Some also have a home landline number for business purposes. And then there are those who have landlines in the office and at home.

Managing calls from different mobile numbers can get quite complicated for users. Life would be much easier and faster if you could use one phone number for all these purposes. Fortunately, this is possible thanks to the Google Voice phone number.


This technology allows people to have a single Google Voice cell phone number where all incoming calls can be forwarded, whether it is a call from a work colleague or a close friend. This makes it easier for you to manage calls to different numbers from one place.

In this article, we are going to look at some quick and effective ways to get multiple Google Voice numbers on one phone.

Why do you need a Google Voice number?

One of the many benefits of Google Voice Number is that it allows you to call anyone in the US or Canada for free using their Gmail account.

Now the question is, “Is it possible to get multiple good voice numbers tied to one phone”? As we mentioned above, you can easily link different mobile phone numbers to your single Google Voice number, but having multiple GVN numbers linked to one phone can be a little tricky.

First, if you’re using the consumer version of this technology, you can only use one Google Voice number. However, the GSuite allows users to have multiple numbers linked to their mobiles.

This may seem very convenient to some, but having multiple Google Voice numbers will affect your privacy. This is because Google logs your personal data and may use it for advertising purposes, which does not make it an ideal option for people who care about their privacy.

However, if you want to have multiple Google Voice phone numbers linked to your mobile, here’s how to do it.

Create multiple Google accounts

The easiest way to get multiple Google voice numbers is to create multiple Google accounts. You are allowed to have one GVN for each Google Account. You can then create a system where calls you receive on different mobile numbers will be forwarded to your primary Google Voice number.

This method is quite simple, as it makes it easier for the user to receive calls on the primary Google Voice number without having to log in and out of multiple Google accounts.

Create multiple random mobile numbers

Now, Google voice numbers are tied to the physical phone number, giving you the ability to create multiple phone numbers that you can use to set up different Google accounts. You can use a random mobile number generator tool to generate multiple mobile numbers and link them to different Google voice number accounts.

Although it sounds easy, you might get in trouble because Google has pretty strict rules when it comes to multiple Google voice number accounts. Your Google Voice account may be terminated if you link it to random mobile numbers that aren’t your primary cell or landline numbers.


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