It’s not so good to work at Facebook anymore

It's not so good to work at Facebook anymore

If, for the 12th year, Meta (Facebook) manages to integrate the top 100 of the most attractive American companies from the point of view of employees, it seems to have left the first rungs. In 2021, its fall has even accelerated.

Every year, the Glassdoor website publishes a ranking of companies in the United States where it is good to work. Based on declarative surveys of employees, this ranking has long been dominated by the giants of Silicon Valley, anxious to promote a framework and progressive working conditions, between large checks at the end of the month, free coffee at all hours and tables self-service table tennis. This formula has always earned Facebook a good ranking, but, in 2021, it is an understatement to say that the results were less convincing: Meta (Facebook’s parent company) tumbled from 11th to 47th place in this ranking.

Several phenomena contributed to this vertiginous fall. If, in times of Covid-19 and telework, the attachment of employees to their company may have been impacted, the new orientation of the company, which is now banking on the creation of a “new Internet” with the metaverse, did not necessarily win the support of all. Above all, Facebook has never been so hard hit by repeated scandals, which has had strong repercussions on the company’s notoriety – and has undoubtedly precipitated its desire to change its name.

This is what emerges from the data collected by the Glassdoor site. The employees evoke internal difficulties, a bad image with the general public, the lack of action on the part of the management on fundamental problems or even questions on the future orientation of the firm. Needless to say, the Facebook Papers, based on the revelations of whistleblower Frances Haugen, were at the heart of employees’ concerns. They revealed worrying malfunctions and generally conveyed the idea that Facebook was putting its profit before the health and safety of its users.

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A fall initiated by Cambridge Analytica

The time when the employees of Facebook – which still manages the feat of being present for 12 years in the top 100 of Glassdoor – had consecrated their company as the very best place to work in the United States seems a long way off. However, that was only three years ago, in 2018. The revelations related to the Cambridge Analytica scandal began the fall. Meta remains an attractive employer, however, with its rating of 4.3 out of 5 ranking it among the 50 companies with the best working conditions in the United States.

But then, what is the No. 1 company? This is Nvidia, manufacturer of graphics cards, ARM chips and specialist in calculation circuits for artificial intelligence. Just behind, we find HubSpot (professional software publisher) and Bain & Company (strategy consulting firm). The tech sector is the largest provider of companies within this top 100 of employee satisfaction. Indeed, 40 of the 100 firms listed are technology companies. One of them experienced the biggest fall, even more violent than Facebook: Zoom. The publisher of the videoconferencing platform, which met with great success with the appearance of Covid-19, rose to 22nd place in the ranking last year. This year, he brings up the rear by tumbling to 100th position.

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