Meta announces a future-proof makeover for its popular avatars

Meta announces a future-proof makeover for its popular avatars

Facebook avatars, these little favorite figures that we have fun personifying in our image, are coming in the future! On the menu, 3D, more customization than ever, and the possibility of using them on Instagram in addition to Facebook and Messenger.

We can criticize Facebook and its choices as much as we want, their avatars, they are very popular with users!

How to create and modify your avatar on Meta, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram

Since changing its name to Meta and launching its virtual world Horizon Worlds, it’s pretty clear, the metaverse is upon us.

One of the steps towards this famous interconnected digital world that links virtual and augmented reality is to be able to have the same avatar on all our platforms, whether it’s our phone, our tablet or our computer.

In addition to expanding the accessibility of avatars, Meta has taken the opportunity to give them a little metamorphosis so that we have more customization possibilities than ever.

The same avatar, 1 year later, tweaked with new adjustments announced by Meta.

Over a quintillion supported combinations

According to Meta, the quintillion combinations supported by the avatars feature in its 2021 update weren’t enough. We had to push it even further.

To do this, the general manager of avatars Aigerim Shorman explains in a publication that throughout the year, new elements will be added to the avatar editor.

For starters, cochlear implants, hearing aids, wheelchairs are added to Facebook stickers, Messenger chats, and Instagram private messages.

That’s not counting the appearance of the avatars, which has also been reworked. It’s subtle, but some face shapes have been tweaked and skin tones have been tweaked in an effort to make it look as authentic as possible.

facebook avatar customization plus representation

More options have been added to avatars to make them as representative as possible.

Sports fan? Meta has partnered with the NFL so that we can dress our avatars in the colors of our favorite team for Super Bowl LVI.

Although the special outfits are only available for a limited time, it gives us an idea of ​​the kind of partnership Meta will be able to make with various sports teams to mark important events during the year.

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After Facebook and Messenger, avatars arrive on Instagram

Not only are we delighted with the addition of customization options for Facebook avatars, but in addition, we can now use them on Instagram as much in profile photos as in our stories.

Those who have already created their avatars in the past will have direct access to its three-dimensional version as well as the whole range of new options in the editor.

With all these new features, we will be able to represent ourselves in the way we like in a uniform way on all platforms:

  • On our profile picture;
  • In our reviews;
  • Since our stickers;
  • To enhance our stories.

new features customization options facebook avatars available instagram

The avatars finally land on Instagram, in particular to be used in stories.

If you prefer something personalized according to the various social networks, you can also create three different avatars for Facebook, Messenger and Instagram and for the metaverse.

All of these new features are currently being rolled out in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Note that this is however a gradual deployment, faithful to the habits of the social network.

For example, not all members of my team have access to all the news at the same time, so it’s unfortunately normal if your spouse or your sister has them, but not you.

All we can do is keep our various apps up to date and check out the desktop version once in a while.

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How to create and modify your avatar on Meta, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram


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