Méta-Hebdo, Chronicle of the Web 3: Women’s Day in the Metaverse

Méta-Hebdo, quand le monde s'envole vers le Web 3

What woman wants, the God of the metaverse wants! – Here we are again reunited for a new opus of your favorite Meta-Hebdo. This week women were in the spotlight in the metaverse. Indeed, March 8 is International Women’s Day. A way for us to take stock of the place of women in Web 3. Let’s follow Ariadne’s thread.

Indeed, the still young blockchain world is hanging by a thread. The woman must be skilful to make her place there. NFT artists, cryptographic company executives, women in crypto were present during the event of the week in the virtual universe of the metaverse. Ladies First.

Women’s Day in Web 3: NFT Crackers

SandBox and World of Women: the queens of the sands

Nothing better for The Sandbox than the occasion of Women’s Day to announce its partnership with the queens of NFT: World of Women (WoW). This NFT creator exclusively offers artistic NFTs around portraits of strong and powerful women. The metaverse giant finds a charming partner in World of Women. On Women’s Day, 10,000 WoW NFTs will be voxed by The Sandbox.

The idyll is not new, however. The Sandbox has already acquired the most expensive WoW NFT at 200 ETH: Aurora, the goddess of the metaverse, key character in the scenario that weaves The Sandbox.

However, the collaboration does not remain punctual since our NFT giants create the WoW foundation (WoW Foundation). His mission ? Amplify female representation in NFT and metaverse spaces. To do this, The Sandbox will provide a grant of $25 million over 5 years. Interactive experiences will also be set up directly in the sandbox. You can discover the gallery of NFT World of Women in the Wow Museum. Take online courses in Web 3 at WoW University or take advantage of mentoring and project funding at WoW Academy.

Aurora, NFT World of Women bought 200 ETH. – Source : Twitter

Rarible: a day in honor of Lirona, NFT artist

The Rarible NFT platform also promoted its collection of NFTs Women Rise to support activists, artists and women of Web 3 more generally. The platform thus expressed its project of boost women’s participation in web 3. Masha Vyazemskaya, communication manager at Rarible indeed expresses that only 16% of the creators of NFT are women. She develops:

“Even less well known is the generation of female artists who have been involved in the NFT space since the early days laying the groundwork for what the industry is today. »

It was therefore important for Rarible to highlight Lirona for Women’s Day. First female NFT artist on their platform. Then worthless, his “#boiz” collection garnered over $700,000 in sales:

“What is amazing is that Lirona started on Rarible in early 2021 with its collections selling for 0.1 ETH and now its NFTs are selling for 20-30 ETH. This represents an important journey for us, demonstrating how closely we work with artists”

Lirona's NFT, Desperate ApeWife.
Desperate ApeWife #6316 – source Rarible: Lirona

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In Web 3, are women leaders at the helm?

There are therefore many initiatives around Women’s Day this week. They weave the bonds of a supportive community that wants to be heard, aware of the problem. Some crypto giants are working in this direction.

Unstoppable Women: the star of the Web giants

This is the case of Unstoppable Domains, Blockchain domain name provider. At the initiative of a Twitter discussion open to everyone on Women’s Day to discuss its influence in Web 3, Unstoppable Domain’s approach is part of a sustainable dynamic and its initiatives are numerous.

It is therefore as part of a clear effort to support the place of women in Web 3 that Unstoppable Domain raises 10 million dollars (in Web 3 domain name). It is the birth of “Unstoppable Women of Web 3” non-profit campaign which must fight and promote the emergence of a female influence in Web 3.

Thus more than 60 Web 2 and Web 3 giants join the cause of Sandy Carter, senior vice president of Unstoppable Domains and the initiative of the association “Women in Web3“. We therefore find giants such as Google Cloud, Decentraland, Blockfi, Ripple, The Sandbox or even Binance US. According to a press release from Unstoppable Domains, the association aims to:

“(…) feature work created by historically marginalized groups in at least half of all Web3 education materials (…)”

Many Web 2 and Web 3 giants join the ranks of Unstoppable Women of Web 3.
The partners of Unstoppable Women of Web 3

The Need for Crypto and Blockchain Education

The representation of women in the world of Web 3, despite the number of partners gathered behind this association, is still not very representative of the female presence in Web 3. Sandy Carter develops:

“When I moved to web domains, I was disappointed with Web 2 and its lack of diversity. Often 20% of the meeting rooms were made up of women. It has also been shown that 5% of web entrepreneurs are women”

This poverty of female participation in the Web 2 and Web 3 landscape is also deplored by WoW who declares on CoinTelegraph:

“Our mission is to shine a spotlight on underserved female creators, making the metaverse not just a man-made landscape, but rather one enriched with as much diversity of thought as possible. »

World of Women thus confirms 4 main pillars to follow for its foundation and for the development of a feminine and inclusive voice in Web 3:

  • energize the ecosystem by supporting artists and financing projects
  • educate new audience
  • give more visibility to women’s causes
  • donate profits to charities

In this sense, it will be for WoW to also support female artistic creation in Web 3 through mentoring, underlining the importance of education in Web 3

Sandy Carter, founder of the nonprofit Unstoppable Women of Web 3.
Sandy Carter: Founder of Unstoppable Women of Web 3

The place of women in the Web 3: mirror of a social issue?

The Importance of Mass Adoption for Web 3

If we decide to stimulate the participation of women in Web 3 it is surely important to widen the angle. Keep in mind that the blockchain is still in its infancy. In this logic, it is then possible that the female participation in Web 3 knows a strong growth. However, not all major dominant sectors have yet set foot in the metaverse.

Take the fashion industry. Still shy, it nevertheless has enough to make us forget our cattails and spinning wheels of yesteryear! The virtual experience indeed began at the beginning of this month of March in France during Paris Fashion Week. The students of the Institut Français de la Mode (IMF) helped by the company Stage 11 have developed the design of a shoe and a digital handbag for the metaverse.

This initiative is only the beginning of a sector which, by taking over the metaverse, risks bringing in new female figures. Decentraland will indeed organize the Fashion Week of the future at the end of March. It will be given a day earlier than that which will take place in the real world in New York on March 23.

The result is an immersive experience offered with Paco Rabanne and the Vasarely Foundation, which represents the works of the artist Victor Vasarely. This meta-fashion event is the symbol of a sector that has not yet finished conquering Web 3. It promises the arrival of a larger and more diversified audience.

Decentraland is thrilled to host the first Fashion Week in the Metaverse.
Tweet from Decentraland announcing the launch of Fashion week in the metaverse. – Source: Twitter.

And if the metaverse was only the virtual reflection of our real social problems?

We then glimpse the limits of a question such as we pose it to ourselves. Indeed, it is certain that women are not sufficiently represented in Web 3. However, this does not justify that they do not have a place.

It is probably necessary to put things into perspective and above all to see all the possible development potential. Falling into the traps of an inclusive community in the open space of the metaverse does not seem to be the ideal thread for weaving a network and a blockchain community either.

The importance of education is not only emphasized in the gender struggle. It is a more central issue for the development of the cryptographic universe and Web 3 as a whole. Web 3 then sometimes seems, as it develops, to carry social issues specific to our society into its space.

When Web 3 takes over our society

We do not find these social problems only in this transfer of inequalities between men and women. Another glaring example is the central role of NFTs and cryptocurrencies in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The association of artists Time Pieces, for example, offers a collection of NFT whose sales will be donated to humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

In this sense, we retain once again the approach of Olive Allen. This anti-Russian NFT artist said in an interview with Coin Telegraph:

“Unfortunately women have always been excluded from the history of major fields such as technology or the arts. »

In the same vein, we can also think of the rock group Pussy Riot, a feminist and committed Russian group, and their DAO, a decentralized organization. Decentralized finance is therefore a way for these women to circumvent intermediaries that are sometimes synonymous with censorship.

Rock band Pussy Riot creates DAO UkraineDAO to support Ukraine against Russia
The rock band Pussy Riot.

At the end of the line, we understand that the woman’s meta-place is still small and shy. But the development of the metaverse and the arrival of the dominant sectors to come will attract more diversity.

However, this issue remains representative of a common thread for the cryptographic sector: that of education and the accessibility of the blockchain to the greatest number. It also remains certain that, out of its codes and its robots, the world of Web 3 will continue to deal with other problems inherent to our society through direct exchange, without intermediaries that blockchain technology and finance allow. decentralized.

Don’t cut the thread, we’ll meet again next week for a new installment in your Meta-Hebdo.

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