Meta Platforms Disbands Teams Working on New OS for AR and VR

Meta Platforms Dissout Les équipes Travaillant Sur Un Nouvel Os

Meta loses the spark it had at launch. He saw the tough competition between TikTok and Facebook and therefore started the reels on Facebook as well. But digital libraries and AR and VR handsets traverse rugged meanders.

One such report from The Information showed that the Meta allegedly disbanded a 300-member team working on an operating system (OS) for AR and VR headsets. Meta has already lost $240 billion as its shares closed more than 26% on Thursday. Additionally, the failure on several other fronts is also causing significant damage to Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune.

Now the disbanding of the team of 300+ people working on an operating system for AR and VR is another failure. Although the Meta has declined so far. Reportedly, Meta disbanded the team to work on other projects. For example, some of them would work on the XROS and some on the AR glasses.

There are also rumors that the Meta has discontinued work on the operating system for AR and VR in favor of the Android-based VROS platform. These developments are amazing in the Meta platform. Learn more about what Meta is planning going forward.

Why did Meta disband the 300 plus team?

Since its inception, Meta has aimed to bring the world into the Metaverse. To deliver on that promise, it has created virtual reality headsets and augmented reality headsets, commonly referred to as AR and VR headsets.

In technology assessment, you can’t rely too much on others. But both of these devices were based on Google’s Android operating system. The resolve to build its operating system led to the four-year effort to build the new system from the ground up.

However, this effort has reportedly ended according to The Information. From now on, Meta will distribute this team of experts to the other project areas.

What is Meta hoping to get from meta-professionals?

There is no current confirmation of the team’s breakup. Still, there are genuine news stories like the one from The Verge. Meta spokeswoman Sheeva Sloven said in an email to The Verge, “We hope to develop hyper-tuned solutions for each product line by integrating more OS engineers directly into AR and VR teams. »

This shows that Meta avoids taking a lenient approach to the operating system. Additionally, appointing the individual teams to work on individual products to create the custom operating system is the way forward for Meta’s uninterrupted progress.

According to The Information, Meta will split the team into different factions to work on different products. Some of them would work on AR glasses, Quest VR headsets. While other OS engineers would invest their efforts in building XR technology. However, according to the report, it is still shrouded in thick mist where the XROS team will end up.

What future for AR and VR headset systems?

Meta has neither confirmed nor outright rejected the suspension report from the team working on the new operating system for AR and VR headsets. However, in response to the recent social media frenzy, a Meta spokesperson named Sheeva Slovan broke some excited news. She said Meta will split OS engineers into AR and VR teams. Additionally, she has applied Meta and is still determined to create the “Highly Specialized Systems”.

This mess can confuse the projects and spoil the full potential of the Meta. Currently, headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 run on Google’s Android system. Given the tensions and botched plans of the Meta, the next “Project Cambria” headset is unlikely to run on a new operating system. It is now only a dream to see the new operating system with the next generation devices of the Meta.


Meta wants to decimate the excuse of distance and space. To fill the gaps in distance, connection and experience, Meta launched the Oculus, a project to build virtual reality headsets. Thanks to these Meta headsets, it is possible to connect with anyone around the world with virtual and augmented experiences in real time.

The four-year effort to build a new operating system from scratch has come to a halt. So, now Meta will dispatch its team of OS engineers to create individual and customized OS systems for each device to achieve optimal results and efficiency.

Meta provided its full statement, available below.

“We are always working to improve our team and our products. By integrating more OS engineers directly into our AR and VR teams, we can accelerate the development of hyper-tailored solutions for each product line. As we said before, we follow several technical directions to build them, and we remain committed to building highly specialized systems. We continue to invest and optimize to act quickly so that we can achieve the ambitious goals we have set ourselves. »


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