Meta wants to keep you away from Instagram (but not too much anyway)

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The social network wants to fight against addiction to social networks by encouraging its users to take a break from its algorithm.

In parallel with the latest intervention by Frances Haugen, the whistleblower and former Facebook employee who spoke this Wednesday before French parliamentarians, the social networks of the Meta group continue their operation to win back the public, encouraging its users to adopt healthier behaviors online. This week in particular, the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri, confirmed that the platform had started rolling out its functionality. “take a break”.

Not enough to revolutionize Instagram

An option mentioned for several months already, and which quite simply allows the social network to invite you to do something else after 10, 20 or 30 minutes spent scrolling on the application’s algorithm. With a final launch scheduled for December, Adam Mosserie now hopes to provide Internet users with new tools to better manage their digital lifebut especially their mental health.

In reality, and even if this new option is not uninteresting, it should not change much in our online habits. First because’it will suffice to close the pop-up window displayed on the screen to continue using the platformfunctionality take a break being more informative than actually restrictive. Then because this type of tool has existed for years, especially on Android smartphones, and it has not revolutionized our use of social networks.

Giving voice to the Reels

If Instagram wants you to temporarily leave its platform, it’s to better come back to it. Along with his take a break, the social network has also announced the arrival of several new features related to Reels. After the automatic captioning, users will now be able to enjoy the function Text-to-speech. Initially designed to facilitate the accessibility of visually impaired people to social networks, the tool that converts text into an automated robotic voice quickly experienced great success on TikTok in particular.

Another novelty deployed on Instagram Reels, Internet users will soon be able to benefit from a whole panel of tools dedicated to voice modification. So many features that will allow content creators to offer original and successful videos, without having to leave the Meta creation interface.


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