Meta Watch: the Facebook watch would have a detachable screen and three photo sensors

Meta Watch: the Facebook watch would have a detachable screen and three photo sensors

Meta’s mysterious connected watch would stand out from its competitors. It would have a removable screen and several cameras for virtual or augmented reality applications.

Facebook wants to change size and this decision prompted Mark Zuckerberg’s firm to change its name. Now known as Meta, the group has invested in the hardware sector in recent years by offering virtual reality headsets (Oculus), connected screens (Portal) and even a pair of connected glasses. The firm’s next playground would be connected watches, as The Verge explained last June. The Bloomberg site then showed a first image of this potential future rival of the Apple Watch.

The LetsGoDigital site is back with new information about a watch that raises many questions. Based once again on various patents, the Dutch site confirms the existence of a smartwatch that can be worn on the wrist. Two models would be offered: the first would opt for a square screen and would be close to the image unveiled by Bloomberg (see above) while the second model would be entitled to a round screen. Both versions would offer similar functionality and the Meta Watch would stand out from its competitors.

Meta’s smartwatch screen is said to be detachable.©LetsGoDigital

The firm behind the social network would have equipped its connected watch with a removable screen that can come out of the case. As mentioned in November in our columns, the photo would also be honored with the presence of at least one sensor integrated into the screen. Unlike Bloomberg, which is counting on a notch, the LetsGoDigital teams are betting on a punch and even mentions the existence of several photo sensors. Indeed, the renderings of the version with a rotating circular screen highlight the presence of different types of lenses such as a wide-angle, a macro module, a telephoto lens or a fisheye lens. “By using multiple lenses, the user can easily adjust the camera’s field of view”says LetsGoDigital.

Photo sensors for virtual or augmented reality functions

The screen would be maintained using magnets and it could be replaced by a second screen, also equipped with several cameras. An approach that is reminiscent of Motorola’s Moto Mods. “Facebook’s smartwatch has a second screen, which also has multiple cameras – with different types of lenses. The second screen has the same format as the first. The user can easily detach the screen from the case. The case then remains on the user’s wrist with the bracelet. The screen can be interchanged, but it can also be used for augmented, virtual or mixed reality purposes”says LetsGoDigital.

The Meta Watch could have a rotating circular screen and multiple cameras.©LetsGoDigital

The main argument of Meta’s watch would indeed be that it can be used for virtual or augmented reality applications. This would come in addition to classic uses such as health monitoring or the possibility of making video calls via the camera. For the time being, Meta has not mentioned its projects and there is no indication that the watch will offer this type of function. Nevertheless, there is little doubt that the company is working on a metaverse project based on virtual reality tools and augmented reality universes. A connected watch could accompany this transition from Meta to the metaverse.


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