Microsoft begins development in 2023 update

Microsoft begins development in 2023 update

If you’ve joined the Windows 11 Insider Program, you can now download a new update. The first, published in the Beta channel, concerns the new features that will be integrated into the next version of Windows 11; the other, posted in the Dev channel, is for the 2023 consumer update. So what’s new on the agenda?

Windows 11, build 22621 for Beta channel

Microsoft is currently fine-tuning the next Windows 11 update which will be deployed in the second half of the year to the general public. To do this, the firm regularly releases new patch updates to Insiders in the Beta channel, and it will likely stay that way until the RTM release is finalized.

Build 22616 distributed last week in the Beta channel only brought fixes. The same is also true for build 22621 released last night: explorer.exe performance improvements, taskbar or Widgets panel bug fixes, these are some of the improvements you will find with this update up-to-date if you are part of the Beta channel.

Windows 11, build 25115 for Dev channel

The first build that marks the beginning of the development of the features that will be found on Windows 11 in 2023 is available. Before coming to the news, I take this opportunity to remind you that it’s time to switch to the Beta channel if you want more stability. Indeed, once this new build is installed, you will no longer be able to switch to the Beta channel.

Build 25115 is therefore available in the Dev channel and brings a feature called “Suggested Actions”. Its goal: to speed up everyday tasks in Windows 11 with suggested actions. For example, when you copy a date, time, or phone number, Windows prompts you with actions, such as creating calendar events or making phone calls with your favorite apps.

  • When copying a phone number, Windows will display an online unavailable UI that suggests ways to call the phone number using Teams or other installed apps that offer one-to-one calling features. click.
  • When copying a date and/or time, Windows will display an online unavailable UI that suggests creating the event using supported calendar apps. Upon selection of the user’s preference, the application is launched with its corresponding calendar event creation page with the date and/or time filled in automatically.

Build 25115 also brings a series of fixes related to the system tray, file explorer, task manager and settings. It also contains a list of known bugs that you will find on the Insider blog.

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