Microsoft OneNote Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Microsoft OneNote Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Think of Microsoft OneNote as the digital version of a physical notebook. Use it to capture and organize digital notes. Add images, diagrams, audio and video files, and related content. Use OneNote with other Office suite programs, on your desktop or mobile devices.

Create a notebook

Just like physical notebooks, OneNote notebooks are a collection of note pages. Start by creating a notebook, then build from there.

Sur n'importe quelle page, sélectionnez Afficher les blocs-notes. 
Au bas du volet, sélectionnez Ajouter un bloc-notes ou + Bloc-notes. 
Saisissez un nom pour le nouveau bloc-notes, puis sélectionnez Créer un bloc-notes. 

OneNote switches to the new notebook. This notebook contains a new section and a new blank page.


Add or move notebook pages

Add additional pages or move these pages around in your notebook. Your organization is fluid, allowing you to lay out and rearrange every element of your project.

To add a page, select Add page at the bottom of the left pane.

To move a page from one section to another, drag the page title to the desired section.

Type or write notes

Enter notes by typing or handwriting with a digital pen. You can also use your voice to embed a sound file or take a photo of the text and convert it to editable or digital text.

Create Sections

Create themed sections to better customize and organize the OneNote user interface. Sections help you organize your ideas by topic or date range, for example.

To create a section, select +Add section or +Section at the bottom of the list of sections on the left side of the window.

Labeling and prioritization of notes

Prioritize or organize your notes with dozens of searchable tags. For example, including labels for things to do or items to buy can help you pick up items of different ratings when you’re at the store.

Sélectionnez n'importe quelle ligne de texte.
Sélectionnez la balise À faire pour ajouter une case à cocher à la ligne.
Sélectionnez la flèche à côté de l'icône À faire pour choisir une autre étiquette, telle que Important, Question ou À retenir pour plus tard.

You can select or clear To Do checkboxes.

Include images, documents, audio and video files and related content

Add files to a multi-note notebook or attach files to a single note. You can capture some of these other file types, such as pictures and sound, from OneNote.

These additional files and resources may be useful for your own reference or for conveying ideas more effectively to others when sharing and collaborating in OneNote.

Access the Insert tab to add files and objects.

Delete or recover notes

Always be careful when deleting notes, but if you delete one by accident, you should be able to recover the deleted notes.

Use the OneNote mobile app or the free online app

Use OneNote on the go with mobile apps designed for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. You can also use Microsoft’s free online version, although this tool requires a free Microsoft account.

Sync notes between multiple devices

OneNote automatically syncs your notes. You can also choose to sync notebooks manually.

Sélectionnez Navigation dans le coin supérieur gauche de la fenêtre.
Sélectionnez la flèche située à côté du nom du bloc-notes actuel.
Cliquez avec le bouton droit de la souris sur le bloc-notes que vous souhaitez synchroniser.
Sélectionnez Synchroniser et choisissez Synchroniser ce bloc-notes ou Synchroniser tous les blocs-notes. 


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