responsible company sues Alphabet for monopolizing app market

Tinder contre Google : l'entreprise responsable poursuit Alphabet pour avoir monopolisé le marché des applications


Match Group, the parent company of Tinder, claims that Google is “illegally monopolizing the app distribution market.”

Matching groupthe parent company behind dating apps as big and popular as tinderfiled a lawsuit against GoogleWith reference to Google Play Store Billing Policies, the application store for Android. According to Match Group, these policies are restrictive and Google would act in such a way that would illegally monopolize the application distribution market by forcing them to use its billing system.

This is not the first time that a company has taken a position on this point. In 2021, Epic Games, developer of Fortnite, also decided to file a lawsuit against Apple and Google for similar reasons, claiming that the 30% commission that Apple and Google withheld for each purchase using the App Store and Google Play billing system was abusive.

On this occasion, Match Group accuses Google of employing “bait and switch” tactics in order to “mislead” developers on their billing policies.

Tinder, the most popular dating app out there today.

Tinder parent company disagrees with Google Play billing policies

The lawsuit document filed by Match Group reads statements citing that “Google lured app developers onto its platform with the assurance that we could give users a choice of how to pay for services. they want”. However, having “monopolized the Android app distribution market, Google attempted to ban alternative payment processing services so that it could curb almost all transactions made in Android apps.”

For its part, Google issued a statement justifying the commission earned with each transaction made using the Google Play billing system, alleging that “Match Group knows that Google Play provides tools and a global distribution platform that helps developers grow your business”.

It also states that the parent company of Tinder built a very successful global business using these same tools, yet they want to take advantage of Google’s significant investment in the platform and the global distribution tools that Google Play provides for free.

“Now, after years of reaping profits from Google Play, Match Group is doing everything it can to avoid paying for the huge benefits it receives – including abusing the courts, pressuring lawmakers and even suggesting investors that alternative billing systems would exempt them from paying for the valuable services they receive from Google Play. »

Google also points to some of the facts that support its position, which Match Group does not appear to have considered when filing the lawsuit. They include, for example, the tests that are carried out with certain developers to offer alternative payment platforms within the applications.

The statement concludes with Google assuring that “no other mobile platform is as open as Android,” and that “no other has shown more willingness to champion user choice or collaborate with developers. “. Either way, Match Group doesn’t seem to fully agree, despite the fact that according to Google, the company’s apps can only pay 15% on Google Play for digital subscriptions, which is the rate lowest among major app platforms. .

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