Smartphones, headphones, connected watch… Google is expanding its range of terminals

Smartphones, headphones, connected watch… Google is expanding its range of terminals

With a complete ecosystem of connected devices, the group seeks to seduce consumers.

Perseverance. Google may multiply the successes of esteem with its range of smartphones, the group continues to launch new devices. The kick-off of the Google/IO developer conference is the opportunity for the group to unveil a wide range of products: a Pixel 6a for the smartphone category, headphones with the Pixel Buds Pro and the announcement of a watch, the Google Pixel Watch.

With this complete ecosystem, which required “more than six years of work“, Google hopes to move up a gear. The web behemoth remains a marginal player in the world of smartphones, with sales volumes light years ahead of those of Apple and Samsung. Like them, Google therefore plays the card of compatible products between them to try to seduce consumers who are still skeptical. The group relies on the interconnection of personal devices with those of the house, such as thermostats, alarms and other connected locks.

The announced launch of the Google Pixel Watch is in this respect a small revolution. The group does not communicate a marketing date – probably 2023 – or price, contenting itself with a teaser commensurate with the launch of a Hollywood blockbuster. The watch should nevertheless be distinguished from the devices offered by Fitbit, which was nevertheless acquired by Google.

Indeed, the Pixel Watch comes out of Google’s development laboratories and not those of its subsidiary Fitbit. The characteristics of the watch, which will be round and not square (we are not at Apple here), will be communicated later. However, we know that it will exist in an autonomous version of the smartphone, for navigation or listening to music, or even both at the same time. It was also clarified that it would not be compatible with iOS.

Next year, a new tablet could also be launched by Google, which seemed to be determined to shun this market segment.

Pixel 6a

For those who don’t want to wait until 2023 to shop at Google, the Pixel 6a retails for $449. This is the entry-level version of the Pixel 6, with a slightly smaller screen but similar specs. Google nevertheless took the risk of also announcing the arrival of the Pixel 7, without specifying a date, at the risk of seeing its potential customers delay their purchases while waiting for the release of the new model.


Finally, no smartphone without wireless headphones. The Pixel Buds come with a noise canceling feature. A new audio processor allows you to choose between good isolation in outdoor mode or a mode allowing you to hear ambient noise.

The control of parasitic sounds being on the menu, it is also offered for telephone calls, with a sound filtering system, favoring the voice. No more calls with the cries of children, the sound of scooters starting up… Perfect for teleworkers in a busy environment. Naturally, the transition between earphones and phone is very smooth. The Pixel Buds will retail for $199.



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