The Microsoft Store on Windows 11 will be more than just an app!

The Microsoft Store on Windows 11 will be more than just an app!

Along with the announcement of Windows 11, Microsoft announced the arrival of a new application store. Its novelties go much further than a simple visual overhaul. The new Microsoft Store wants to be much more open and has strong arguments to, perhaps, finally seduce developers and users.

A) How does the Microsoft Store want to attract users?

The Microsoft Store is going to undergo a drastic overhaul. The interface will be much clearer and more ergonomic than before, the application search will be more sophisticated and Stories will make it possible to highlight applications with editorial content. Well, all that, at the limit, who cares! Not that it’s not useful, but because you know just like me that just because the new Microsoft Store is pretty doesn’t mean users will adopt it. It is still necessary that users see an interest in it. This is how the firm will go about redirecting users to its application store.

1. A Web “popup” to download applications in one click

Microsoft has developed a kind of popup that any webmaster can easily integrate on their website to allow the installation of an application in one click. Thus, by going for example to the Spotify site, all you have to do is click on the download button and a popup will open to install the application in an instant via the Microsoft Store. For the elders, our friend Rudy Huyn seems to have contributed to this project.


2. Integration of Android applications with the Amazon Appstore

I have already told you about it in detail in this article: Android applications from the Amazon Appstore will also be integrated into the Microsoft Store. The technical details are still lacking, but they should run in some sort of container and can be pinned easily like any other app. Note that this first partnership could lead to others. I can’t see Google opening its Play Store to Microsoft, but who knows, surprises may come with other third-party platforms.


3. The arrival of flagship applications in the Microsoft Store

Microsoft has already enlisted some famous application publishers who will also bring theirs to the Store. Adobe with its Creative Cloud suite, Disney +, Zoom are on board. Note also that Microsoft will integrate its own applications such as Teams, Visual Studio and even Paint into its application store.


B) How does the Microsoft Store want to attract developers?

When it was released on Windows 8, the Microsoft Store had one goal: to push developers to create universal UWP applications, both available on PC and on Windows Phone. You and I know how the story ended and Microsoft learned from its mistakes. Limiting the publication of applications to only one or almost one format significantly damages the popularity of the Microsoft Store among developers. It is for this reason that the firm will offer them much more freedom with Windows 11.

1. More apps supported

With Windows 11, Microsoft will allow developers to publish all types of applications on its download platform, regardless of the application framework and packaging technology, such as Win32, .NET, UWP, Xamarin, Electron, React Native, Java and even PWAs. Developers can register here to publish desktop apps, or build and package PWAs using the open source tool PWABuilder 3.

2. A fair distribution of income

On many download platforms, developers must leave a large percentage of their profits related to the sale of applications or DLC. On Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store, for example, 30% of their income is donated to tech giants. Microsoft will adopt a much more competitive revenue sharing:

  • Microsoft will take 15% commission on app sales and 12% for games;
  • Developers will be able to integrate their own payment system into their apps, allowing them to keep 100% of their revenue.

So, do you think that these arguments will allow Microsoft to finally break through with its Microsoft Store or does Google search still have a bright future ahead of it?

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