The next Oculus / Meta VR headsets promise heavy immersion

Les prochains casques VR d’Oculus/Meta promettent du lourd en matière d’immersion

News hardware The next Oculus / Meta VR headsets promise heavy immersion

The new virtual reality headset from Meta, formerly Oculus, is expected in 2022 on the market. Some rumors evoke very important developments to come, especially on the display side.

According to YouTuber Brad Lynch, generally well-informed when it comes to virtual reality, the next VR headset from Meta/Facebook (ex-Oculus) could be hitting the market between April and June 2022.

Currently named Project Cambria, this model, which should be baptized Meta Quest Pro eventually should be equipped with a Mini-LED display mounted on Pancake lenses. The latter display a 95° field of vision, allowing better capture of light, and thus offering more vivid and realistic colors.

This design should influence the bulk of the helmet, which should be significantly thinner than the Quest 2, but also less heavy. The name Pro of this model suggests that it can be used in business and in professions where the need to wear it for several hours will be required. We understand that one of the challenges is to make the Meta Quest Pro as comfortable as possible, in order to be able, in particular, to use it within the Metaverse. Its price should be much higher than that of a consumer model.

According to Brad Lynch, Meta hopes to sell 3 million Quest Pro after its release. It could be formalized at the next conference held by the company for developers.

Still according to the Youtubeur, the helmet Meta Quest 3successor to the Oculus Quest 2, should only not see the light of day before 2023. It might even come out even later. The idea, for Meta, would be to allow time for Meta Quest Pro to settle in, but also to push the development of Meta Quest 3 as far as possible with advanced technologies. Moreover, the developers and engineers of the firm would be working on an in-house designed processorand intended to equip this new helmet.

The Meta Quest 3 could also ship a uOLED display, which would not only offer better colors and better brightness than on the Quest 2, but also ensure finesse and lightness to the new helmet. As we can expect formalization at the Meta Connect 2023 conference, which will be held in October next year, we have time to see new rumors arrive around this model of VR headset, which could well mark a turning point for the Metaverse to the general public.

Source : Brad Lynch (Twitter)

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