these augmented reality glasses are really practical

Prototype lunettes AR Google 2022

At its developer conference, Google showed off a prototype of smart glasses using augmented reality to provide real-time translation.

Google has multiplied software and hardware announcements during its I/O 2022 conference. This unmissable event is also an opportunity for the firm to present futuristic projects. Ten years after the Google Glass project, the search giant wants to prove that it has not abandoned wearables and augmented reality. Among the new features unveiled by Google, Sundar Pichain wanted to highlight one of the latest projects from the firm’s laboratories: augmented reality glasses.

This prototype of connected glasses is not as revolutionary as Google Glass in its time, but it is particularly useful. Similar to a classic pair of glasses, they use augmented reality to provide real-time translation. Google relies on its translation tool, as well as on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

© Screenshot/Google

Google wants to break the language barrier

The microphones of these “new Google Glass” will be able to listen to the interlocutor of the spectacle wearer. The latter then benefits from a live translation, directly on the lens of the glasses. In a video presentation, Google shows different examples of users who manage to communicate better using the glasses.

With this system, Google seeks to make the use of its algorithms more transparent translation. We remember that the Pixel Buds headphones already offered to translate a conversation while the Translation or Google Assistant application offers similar functions. From your smartphone, it is possible to launch a conversation or interpreter mode to exchange with a person who does not speak the same language.

The glasses want to facilitate this translation process and Google does not intend to stop there. In its demonstration video, the firm evokes the case of a deaf person who could wear these connected glasses and use them to communicate better with someone who doesn’t know sign language.

The return of Google Glass

In the early 2010s, Google probably pushed the cursor too far with its Glass. The project was considered too futuristic and is not imposed as the new great technological innovation. The Californian firm is back with a more simplistic and formidable efficiency approach ; highlighting the usefulness of augmented reality with concrete examples. A convincing demonstration for a new project which is currently only a prototype.

Prototype Google AR glasses 2022
© Screenshot/Google

Google does not mention the technical characteristics and does not specify whether it intends to market them. If so, we don’t know price or release date yet of these glasses that would almost be confused with a pair of classic prescription glasses. According to Sundar Pichai, the glasses featured in the video are “ one of the first prototypes that Google tested. It will probably be necessary to be patient before seeing them land on the market, but this confirms that the group is not done with the Glass.

It should also be remembered that Google recently acquired North, a start-up known for being the origin of Focals connected glasses. These have the particularity of resembling “ordinary” glasses, like the new project of its new owner.


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