Windows 11 Pro will try to force you to have a Microsoft account upon installation

Windows 11 Pro will try to force you to have a Microsoft account upon installation

Now, even if you have the Pro edition of Windows 11, you will need to use a Microsoft account and an Internet connection during the first configuration.

Source: Microsoft

Last February, we already felt coming that Microsoft was going to force its users to go through a Microsoft account, even if they had the Pro edition. One of the latest updates seems to have given the final blow: now, whether you have a Home or Pro edition, you will have to use a Microsoft account. Only the Enterprise edition is spared from this problem.

A previous build changed the policy of Windows 11 Pro

At the launch of Windows 11, we learned that users of the family edition of the new operating system were going to need an Internet connection as well as a Microsoft account when configuring their machine. Last February, during the deployment of the build 22557, it was a new policy change on the part of Microsoft. Indeed, if one informed to have a personal use of the device during the configuration with a Pro edition, Microsoft required users to have an Internet connection and a Microsoft account.

But at the time, if you indicated that you would have professional use of your computer, there was no need for these two conditions. This has since changed: even for professional use, you will need to have an Internet connection and a Microsoft account during setup.

Windows 11 Pro will try to force you to have a Microsoft account upon installation
Configuring the Microsoft account in Windows 11 // Source: Frandroid

An update planned for the end of the year

For the moment, these changes are only available in Insider version. It is the 22H2 version of Windows 11 scheduled for the end of the year which should implement these changes for the general public.

A requirement to have a Microsoft account that can still be circumvented, but not transparently. Indeed, you just have to enter an email address and a password that do not exist and try to connect. An error message will obviously appear, but you can click “Next” and configure a local account.

What is the use of using a Microsoft account on Windows 11?

On paper, configuring your machine with a Microsoft account is a good thing: you can automatically activate the synchronization of your data stored on OneDrive but also configure your settings automatically, as they were set on your previous computer. This is also a good way to easily manage multiple PCs if this is your case.

But on the other hand, it requires you to give your personal information to Microsoft, which may pose a problem for some data-protective users.

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